About Sweet Apple

About Sweet Apple

About Sweet Apple

Sweet apple nursery is a private establishment that includes a day nursery, an educational daycare and a preschool. In keeping with its philosophy, the daycare offers a range of services that are appropriate for each age group. The educators have teaching experience and daycare experience.




  • Sweet apple nursery offers a trilingual environment French, English, and Arabic.
  • It offers also high quality childcare and educational preparation for pre-school children from 45 days to 4 Years old.
  • We provide an environment that is secure, caring, loving, and nurturing.
  • We strive to create a home like environment that is welcoming and warm.
  • It is our aim to provide an environment that promotes each child's learning, self-esteem, and development.
  • Our classrooms are colorful and organized in “learning centers” that contain materials for individual and group activities. These centers help children develop a taste             for learning through manipulation, exploration, play and inquiry by offering them the opportunity to choose from among a wide range of activities

Our team

Our Staff are chosen for their skills, experience with the age groups, dedication to children's learning, team spirit and ability to relate and communicate with children and parents. They are certified in Pediatric First Aid and CPR. Our teachers are native speakers.

Trilingual Education

The early years are important, and have a long-lasting impact on a child's future. It is the best time to learn new languages. This is the age when a child’s aptitude to acquire foundations of language is at its highest, when the formation of the child's own phonetic language base is in full swing. Our nursery's pedagogic project is founded on the learning of the languages by using to express oneself during the various activities that are proposed.

Arabic & Islamic Studies

Sweet apple nursery also offers Arabic and Islamic Studies for the Arab community enabling them to adhere to their own traditional and cultural values, and emphasis on the principles of our Islamic faith by memorizing of the holy Quran Verses and the Hadith .